Ren Yonglei:A Comparative Analysis of Levels and Roles of Participation in GVC

Date of publication:2017-2-12There have been0A reader to read the article

A Comparative Analysis of China, Japan and South Korea ’s Manufacturing Industry’ s Levels and Roles of Participation in Global Value Chain

Abstract    In this paper,the trade in value added of China, Japan,and South Korea’s Manufacturing is measured using world input-output tables, and then making a comparative analysis of the levels and roles of participation in GVC. The results show that China’s trade in value added is rising, while South Korea’s is stable and Japan’s is declining gradually. Chinese manufacturing industries of medium-low technique and medium-high technique is in the upstream of GVC. The level of participation in GVC of Chinese manufacturing industries of high technique is high, but in the downstream of GVC. Japanese manufacturing industries is in the upstream, but with a declining trend. The level of participation in GVC of South Korea’s manufacturing is the highest. The increase in the proportion of foreign value of export intermediate products is an important reason for the deepening of the level of participation in GVC of three countries.

This paper is published in Future and Development, No.2, 2017.