Yan Bing:An Estimation of China’s Industrial Competitiveness

Date of publication:2016-10-15There have been0A reader to read the article

An Estimation of China’s Industrial Competitiveness —Based on the Theory of the Global Value Chain and Comparative Advantage

Abstract    This paper provides a new index to measure industrial competitiveness by replacing the traditional aggregate exports with the value added exports, based on the theory of the Global Value Chain. After the estimation and analyses of China’s industrial competitiveness over the 33 industries from 1995 to 2011, we find that our competitive advantage sectors are still concentrated in primary products sectors and labor-intensive sectors such as agriculture and textiles, while the competitiveness of the capital-intensive and technology-intensive sectors are increasing over the years, but are still at a disadvantage. Through a comparative analysis of measures of revealed comparative advantage, we can get a better and comprehensive understanding of the positioning in global production, and thus has important policy implications of the industrial policy for the transformation and updating of the industrial structure.


This paper is published in Journal of International Trade, No.10, 2016.