Yan Bing:The Productivity Effect of Chinese Entrepreneurs' OFDI

Date of publication:2016-8-19There have been0A reader to read the article

The Productivity Effect of Chinese Entrepreneurs' OFDIA Test Based on Jiangsu Province's Companies

Abstract    Employing the PSM and DID estimation methodthis paper examined the productivity effect of Chinese enterprises outward foreign direct investment using firm-level industrial data and outward foreign direct investment data from 2003 to 2007 of Jiangsu province. In order to ensure the reliability of the resultswe also checked the effect of OFDI on TFP from the perspective of total samplelag effectownershiptechnological intensityexport and R&D respectively. Based on the researchwe find that1) After OFDIenterprises can improve productivity at homebut this effect is lagged and become greater as time goes by2) Both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises in Jiangsu province could improve productivity after their OFDI activitiesbut the effect on the state-owned enterprise is more significant3) Low technology-intensive enterprises can do better than high technology-intensive enterprises in productivity growth after initiating OFDI 4) Export enterprises could hardly improve productivity after their OFDI while non-export enterprises can5) The enterprises with R&D investment can do better than those without R&D investment in productivity growth after their OFDI activities.


This paper is published in Nankai Economic Studies, No.4, 2016.