Sheng Bin:How to Study Open Development in China’s Economics

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How to Study Open Development in China’s Economics

Abstract    It is China’s strategic initiative to persist opening-up development itself to the response of the challenging domestic and international conditions in the post-crisis era. To promote opening-up development, we shall adhere to a mutual benefit and win-win development concept, build a fair and competitive open environment, proactively pushing forward the pattern of all-round opening-up. Analysis methods, such as qualitative analysis, comparative analysis, quantitative analysis, case analysis, simulation, can be used during the study of the opening -up development. Further research is needed in the opening of the service industry and construction effect of the pilot FTZ, high standards of international economic and trade rules, Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, Silk Road Fund and the financial cooperation among BRICs countries, the coordination of the construction of “One Belt and One Road” with the alongside countries’ initiatives, and China’s institutional discourse power in global economic governance.


This paper is published in Reform, No.7, 2016.