Tan Renyou:GVC Reconfiguration and Patterns of International Competition

Date of publication:2016-5-20There have been0A reader to read the article

Global Value Chain Reconfiguration and Patterns of International Competition: Evidence From a Panel of 40 Economies and 35 Industries

Abstract    Based on the World Input-Output Database covering 40 economies and 35 industries from 1996 to 2009, using international competitiveness indicators calculated by Trade-in-Value-Added data, we find that GVC reconfiguration promotes the changing pattern of international competition, and that GVC reconfiguration driven by technology indicates a positive effect while GVC reconfiguration driven by labor cost indicates a negative effectThe results above remain robust after controlling for country and industry characteristicsAs for China, seizing opportunities of the new wave of technological innovation, raising GVC position, developing high-end manufacturing and business service industry are the keys to achieve long-term international competitiveness


This paper is published in World Economy Studies, No.5, 2016.