Shi Bingzhan:Cultural Identification and International Trade

Date of publication:2016-5-16There have been0A reader to read the article

Cultural Identification and International Trade

Abstract    This paper studies the effect of the broadcasting of a South Korean TV soapMy Love from the Starson trade between China and South Koreaand analyzes the impact of cultural identification on international trade. Theoretically speakingcultural identification can influence international trade by decreasing trade costs and therefore enlarging the quantity of exports. Our empirical results indicate that the broadcasting of My Love from the Stars enhances the growth rate of China-South Korea trade. The major mechanism of this effect is through quantity growthespecially for heterogeneous products. Hencecultural identification is beneficial to trade developmentimplying that cultural transmission can help the globalization of Chinese enterprises and products.

This paper is published in The Journal of World Economy, No.5, 2016.