Qiu Licheng:Foreign Enterprises, Task Transfer and Domestic TFP

Date of publication:2016-3-12There have been0A reader to read the article

Foreign Enterprises, Task Transfer and Domestic TFP: The Position in the Value Chain Matters

Abstract    From the view of technology spillover and resource allocationthis paper investigates the relationship between foreign enterprises with its task transfer and domestic TFP using the productivity decomposition methodWe find that foreign enterprises have positive technology spillover effect on domestic enterprisesbut its production task transfer will attenuate the effectIn the market transition periodforeign enterprises have negative competitive effect on domestic resource allocationand the negative effect weakens with its task transferThereforethe government should deepen the reform of market economic systemand build fair market environment for the development of private enterpriseswhich will improve domestic resource allocation and economic growth


This paper is published in World Economy Studies, No.3, 2016.