Wan Zhihong:International Green Bond Market

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International Green Bond Market: Current Situation, Experience and Enlightenment

Abstract    The rapid development of green bond market provides the sustainable development projects of all countries with the support of medium and long terms low-cost capitals. The international experience shows that policy tools can help the initial construction of green bond market by the construction of the supervision and support frameworks of green projects and green bond market, and the market participators should promote the construction from the bottom to the top. The development of China’s green bond market needs the clear definition, certification and supervision ofgreen investmentand green bond, encouraging green investment and enhancing the attractiveness of green bonds, training green investor, the coordination of regulators, the disclosure of supervision guidelines and policies of green bond market, expanding the scope of issuers, encouraging policy banks, commercial banks and local governments to issue pilot green bonds.


This paper is published in Finance Forum, No.2, 2016.