Sheng Bin:An Analysis of “One Belt and One Road” Initiative

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An International Political and Economic Analysis of “One Belt and One Road” Initiative

Abstract    The “One Belt and One Road” Initiative is a great strategy for China to encounter the complicated international political and economic situations, promote domestic economic growth, enlarge the room for opening-up policy, and achieve breakthroughs in its foreign relations. However, this initiative may not be easy because of the challenges that are related to the coordination and sharing of interests between different domestic organizations involved, to the various levels of development and acceptance among different countries, to different countries’ credit risk and past ability to implement projects, to the competition this initiative may have with influential local countries, and to the intervention of western countries. As a result, China needs to better coordinate its domestic interests, evaluate the risks of different commercial projects, strengthen bilateral economic and trade agreements and rules, promote and replicate successful cooperative models, construct key pioneering projects, and take initiative to cater to local countries and regions’ developmental strategies. Only in this way can the “One Belt and One Road” Initiative become a powerful strategy to help with China’s rise.


This paper is published in Nankai Journal (Philosophy, Literature and Social Science Edition), No1, 2016.