NKIIE's Affliated Fundation: Nankai Elite Education Foundation

Nankai Elite Education Foundation (NKEEF), which is officially registered at Tianjin Civil Affairs Bureau, is an independent non-profit legal entity purposing to foster high level research and teaching in NKIIE. The NKEEF was established in November 2011 by a group of NKIIE alumni who have been proved to be successful in their entrepreneur career. The initial donation from the alumni is 7.3 million Yuan, or about 1.2 million US dollar.

The NKEEF is unique in the country as an officially registered fundation with its beneficiary being specific to an institue in university. Basically, the NKEEF provides financial support for NKIIE’s research, international visiting faculty, workshops, and graduate students. On the other hand, it also has its purpose to conduct high-level research in International Economics and related fields across the country. The foundation encourages not only theoretical research with rigorous logical, mathematical, and statistical methods, but also applied studies in economic globalization horizon.

The foundation will always work to cultivate top talents with international perspective in field of international economics; meanwhile it will seek to become a platform for the communication among alumni as well as the interaction between alumni and the university.

Currently the NKEEF sets up various supporting programs as the following:

Ø  Excellent Research Prize for Graduates

Ø  Excellent Research Award for faculty

Ø  Foreign Visiting Scholar Program for Faculty

Ø  Short-term Visiting Professor Program

Ø  Seminar Series in Int’l Trade and Int’l Finance