Welcome to website of Nankai Institute of International Economics (NKIIE).


NKIIE is recognized as one of the most prestigious research and teaching institutions in international economics field in China. The institute has been focusing on its researches on international economic theory and policy as well as other closely related fields, including World Economy, International Trade, International Finance, and International Investment. Members of our faculty are known nationally and internationally for their research on issues of International Economics theory and policy. In the most recent Discipline Evaluation carried by the National Ministry of Education (MOE), our research on World Economy was ranked as the No. 1 in China, and that on International Trade was ranked as the second best.


While NKIIE has close academic relationship with other domestic and foreign research institutes, it emphasizes links with international organizations such as United Nations, World Bank, WTO, APEC, etc. In fact some of our faculty members are serving as consulting experts of these organizations.


We have high-quality graduate programs both in Ph.D. and Master level. The Ph.D. Program is research-oriented and designed for those who wish to do International economics in a university, research institution, or business corporation with a substantial research mission. The Master Program is designed for those who complete their undergraduate education and wish to acquire a sound understand of International Economics. In the program we provide a strong foundation in intermediate micro- and macroeconomics, which is followed by more specialized courses or electives in International Economics. Besides, from 2011 on we start a new applied-oriented program, namely Master of International Business (MIB). MIB is an innovative graduate degree program that attracts top-notch students. Created by visionary academics in response to the demand for applied, competency-based training, the program actively involves students through the use of business cases, skills workshops, and other contemporary educational techniques.  MIB gives students an opportunity to develop an appreciation for the academic research process and academe as a career choice.



Ø  History: Established on November 9, 1987;

Ø  Faculty: Currently 10 Professors, 7 Associate Professors, 3 Assistant Professors.

Ø  Students: Around 20 PhD students, 50 MA students, and 20 MIB students enter our programs each year.

Ø  Affiliated Research Centers:

2  Center for Transnationals' Studies

2  APEC Study Center

Both are named as Key Research Bases in Philosophy and Social Science by the National Ministry of Education (MOE)

Ø  Director: Jiang Dianchun